Outings Eclectic

Each member’s top 3 scores from the outings will be used to decide the 2021 Outings champion.  There is a small trophy and 3 golf balls for the winner.

NameWishawStirlingCathkin (am)Cathkin (pm)Leven LinksWest KilbrideTotal (3 Best)
Scott Bryson28302482
Adam CarterNR
Jan Clark3627
David Currie34304130105
Brian Eden3031362997
Henry Elliott27NRNR
Robert Frame3937
Ian Gardner2335403433109
Sam Gibson29
Campbell Griffith30
Gavin Halbert3340
Alex Hepburn42382735115
Calum Hill32
Jeff Kelly3132
Craig MacDonnell33352896
James McGoldrick33243491
Colin McGregor3016
Cameron McIntyre41
Sean McKeeNR
Hugh McLean3431
Mary McLean36
Lesley Porter4231
Ian Ramsden26
Ian Salt3040
Donald Spaeth26
Jim Steele3133393535109
David Still3133342598
Moira Still2725242276
Chris Taylor29413237110
Anne Terry35
Alison Thomson27272983
Keith Torrance34353099
Callum Williamson35