Ancients Match 2024

2024 match took place at Montose and Brechin on Sunday 14th and Monday 15th of April.

Congratulations to the Glasgow team who retained the trophy again for the 4th year in a row with some impressive and dramatic victories.

Day 1 Glasgow 4 v 2 Edinburgh

Day 2 Glasgow 3 v 3 St Andrews (13 holes up v 9 holes up).

Winning team: Craig MacDonell, Wai Kwong Lee, Ian Salt (Capt), Paul Graham, Andy Smith and Steven Etherson.

Winner of the Perrie Pewter Pot – Paul Graham.


Senate Match 2023

2023 match took place on Friday 2nd of June at Newmacher.

Aberdeen 2.5 V 6.5 Glasgow

Senate Match 2023 results

Game #  Aberdeen  Glasgow  Result 
1 Jamie Weir Laurie Hunter Glasgow, 3&2
2 Justin Rochford Craig MacDonell Glasgow, 3&2
3 Kevin Docherty Cameron McIntyre Glasgow, 6&5
4 Alistair Morgan Alistair Bonnington Aberdeen, 5&4
5 Linda Ibbotson Anne Terry Glasgow, 3&1
6 Phil Booth Ian Salt Match halved
7 Anne Kiltie Mary McLean Glasgow, 3&2
8 Robert Frost Keith Torrance Glasgow, 8&6
9 Lorna Johnson Anne Cumberland Aberdeen, 4&2
Glasgow 6 ½ , Aberdeen 2 ½  

Glasgow is 4 up over 112 matches since 1895 

Notable events

  • Keith Torrance – closest to the pin on the 9th hole, a floaty draw to 15 inches. Putt not conceded and missed.
  • Lorna Johnson, chip in on 2nd hole, plus 2 x 20 foot putts on 3rd & 4th holes also
  • Phil Booth, birdie on the first hole (over the water)
  • Kevin Docherty & Craig MacDonell, on 14th hole, Kevin 25 yards behind Craig left of the fairway, Craig right of the fairway, Kevin skims his ball off Craig’s shoulder.
Glasgow team for senate match 2023
Glasgow team for senate match 2023

Next match at Killermont on Friday 31st of May 2024.

East vs West 2022

2022 match took place on Monday 29th of August at Lanark Golf Club.

Overall result: Glasgow 9 v 3 Edinburgh.

(Morning fourballs: Glasgow 2 v 2 Edinburgh, afternoon singles: Glasgow 7 v 1 Edinburgh).

2022 team: Chris Taylor, Craig MacDonell, Brian Eden, David Gordon, Calum Hill, Lesley Porter, Ian Reid (am), David Still (pm).

(Next match will take place at Lanark on Monday 28th of August 2023 – CANCELLED!).

Next match provisionally at Lanark on Monday 24th of June 2024.