Competition Rules

Those with club handicaps should use them.  If you have no official handicap you can either play off up to a maximum of 18 or be given an unofficial ‘realistic’ GUSGC handicap.

The person on the left of the draw is the ‘home’ player and should offer their guest at least three dates (including one weekend).  The ‘away’ player should make every effort to be available and make contact with their opponent for the tie to take place.  Don’t leave it to the last minute to offer dates, that’s naughty.  No extensions will be given, and if a tie is not determined by the date given both players will forfeit.  Remember we are a fun society and should make every effort to play the matches, and keep to the deadlines so the competitions can progress successfully.

The Club Championship is reserved for the top 16 players and is played off scratch.
The Gents Singles is played off full handicap difference if played off medal tees and 90% if played off box tees.
The Ladies Singles is played off full handicap difference.
The handicap rules for the Fourball format are as follows :-
The handicap allowance are calculated with reference to the lowest handicap – that player obviously receives no strokes from anyone. The others receive 90% of the difference, REGARDLESS of which tees are played off.

When ladies are involved, the ladies handicap shall be increased by the difference between the SSS of the mens’ and that of the ladies’ course.  The 90% difference is then applied to the resulting sum of handicap plus SSS variance.  The ladies shall then take their allowance with reference to the Ladies Stroke Index and the men will take theirs in regard to the Men’s Stroke Index.

In the event that one member of a team is unable to play, then it is acceptable for the other team member to play the tie against one or both members of the opposing team, by mutual consent.

Results of matches must be confirmed by email to the secretary  Chris Taylor.

In the unlikely event  appeals, complaints and gripes should be sent via Chris Taylor to the committee and we will attempt to resolve them!