Outings Eclectic

Each member’s top 3 scores from the outings will be used to decide the 2022 Outings champion.  There is a small trophy and 3 golf balls for the winner.

NameDundonaldHaystonHamiltonPeebles (am)Peebles (pm)The DukesCrow WoodLargsTotal (3 Best)
Alistair Bonnington29
Scott Bryson29
Jan Clark28
David Currie2028
Brian Eden3025
Alison Elliott28
Robert Frame30
Ian Gardner3727
Robert Gault27
Campbell Griffith30
Allan Harrison31
Alex Hepburn2630
Calum Hill33
Jeff Kelly25
Craig MacDonell3636
James McGoldrick1424
Colin McGregor17
Cameron McIntyre3230
Hugh McLean32
Mary McLean24
Lesley Porter25
Donald Spaeth18
Jim Steele33291
David Still2526
Chris Taylor3540
Anne Terry20
Iain Thayne29
Keith Torrance2835
John Young29