Ancients Match

2018 Match took place at Edzell Golf Club on Sunday 8th April, and Montrose Championship course on Monday 9th April.

Glasgow team: Captain Ian Salt, Alistair Gracie, Neil Bulleid, Chris Taylor, Gordon Lindsay and Ian Reid.

Day 1: Glasgow 5 v 1 St Andrews and Edinburgh 3.5 v 2.5 Aberdeen.

Day 2: Final: Glasgow 3 v 3 Edinburgh (Edinburgh win on number of holes won).


Senate Match

Senate match took place at Glasgow Gailes on Friday 8th of June.

Result: Glasgow 3.5 v 7.5 Aberdeen

Glasgow team: Bernie Hoey, Alistair Bonnington, Chris Taylor, John Oliver, Ian Salt, Iain Thayne, Anne Cumberland, Anne Terry, Sean McKee, Hugh Elder and Laurie Hunter


East vs West

The match is now fixed in the calendar as the last Tuesday in August each year, and will take place at Glen Bervie GC on 28th August 2018.

Result: Edinburgh 10 v 2 David Still

Team: Chris Taylor, Anne Terry, David Still, Bob Lamb, and 2 Ians.